Terms and Conditions

  1. Products : Jiyo Natural has primarily two products
    • Jiyo Health – a healthy wholesome nutritious meal that is calorie controlled, free of any chemicals/additives and cooked in the most healthy and hygienic manner.

    • Jiyo Manage – A personalized meal offering that is customized to each individual for his/her lifestyle/health condition. This is mainly for those who have a health condition like diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, thyroid etc.

      Jiyo Natural may introduce new products or variations of existing products at any point of time. Information on new products will be made available on the website.

  2. Pricing:
    • Pricing will be announced by Jiyo Natural for their products from time to time. The pricing is decided based on current costs of ingredients and other inputs that go into production.

    • Currently the pricing is ₹119 for a Jiyo Health Meal and ₹149 for a Jiyo Manage Meal.

  3. Taxes & Duties: Prices are inclusive of taxes and duties as applicable on the date of sale- unless otherwise mentioned. Currently VAT is levied @14.5%.

  4. Delivery Charges: The prices are inclusive of delivery charges – unless otherwise specified. The delivery charges are based on the distance of the customer from the production or packaging site. However, the delivery costs are considered as part of the cost of food for taxation purposes.

    Delivery will be made between 12 and 1:30 for lunch and 7 and 8:30 for dinner – unless the customer specifies any specific time for delivery – which is acceptable from a feasibility perspective to Jiyo Natural. For one day trial packs to be delivered on the same day– orders have to be placed before 10 AM for Lunch and before 6 PM for Dinner.

  5. Return, Refund and Cancellation: Jiyo Natural prepares and delivers food based on orders received from customers. The customers are also encouraged to order for longer periods so that they derive the maximum benefit out of the healthy food being served. Under these circumstances, orders once placed may not be cancelled unless under extraordinary circumstances with the approval of the management. Similarly, there is no provision for return or refund – except under exceptional circumstances with the approval of Jiyo Natural Management. The exceptional/extraordinary circumstances may include unforeseen events like “bandhs”, strikes, calamities like flood/fire etc. that may result in a situation where continuation of the subscription may not be possible. Under such circumstances, claims for cancellation have to be sent within 30 days of the last delivery/subscription date.

    Refund, where applicable will be made in 10 working days from the day of the claim – and will be made through cheque or EFT to the customer.

  6. Skip/Commence: Customers who have subscribed for a monthly program or such a program of a given duration, they may skip certain days in case they so desire – by letting Jiyo Natural operations team know via email, call or mobile app. They may skip for a certain defined number of days or without an end date – in which case, they should intimate Jiyo Natural on when they need to recommence. In both the case of skipping and recommencing, customers have to intimate the operations team of Jiyo Natural at least before 6 PM on the previous day.

  7. Shipping & Delivery: As far as possible, Jiyo Natural will ensure that food will be served at normal lunch/dinner timings or as requested by the customer. In case of delays due to unforeseen traffic situations or other calamities, Jiyo Natural will inform the customer about the delay. If there is need to cancel the delivery, Jiyo Natural will inform the customer accordingly and no meal credit will be charged to the customer.

  8. Support Contact Numbers:

    In case a customer needs the assistance of Jiyo Natural to obtain a clarification, information or explanation regarding the food supplied or billing or any other related matter, they may contact Jiyo Natural Support team on:

    By Phone: +91 96863 12345 or Email – order@jiyonatural.com
    They may also contact support at the following address:
    Jiyo Natural Private Limited
    #4/5, 11th Main, Near St. Mary’s Church, Bommanahalli, Hosur Road, Bangalore-560068