About JiyoNatural

Jiyo Natural has been founded by a group of food & health enthusiasts – working professionals - who craved for a good healthy meal that suited their bodies. Their collective vision is to see a “Healthy India” – where good healthy alternatives are available for people to maintain good health and prevent onset of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac Problems etc.

A growing section of the population today is increasingly getting health conscious – believing in a preventive rather than a curative approach to health. They are taking various initiatives to maintain good health. However, they don’t have good choices for healthy food at their places of work or at their homes. Jiyo Natural tries to solve this need by providing healthy wholesome nutritious meals that they can consume on a daily basis – without any side effects. A certain percentage of people also have health situations that they need to manage. Jiyo Natural also provides personalized food options to them at their workplaces or homes – food that their health situation warrants.

Starting with corporate organizations, Jiyo Natural will provide healthy, tasty and wholesome food to homes, gymnasiums, schools, specialty care centers and to senior citizens.

Our Central Kitchen
Our Central Kitchen

Our Central Kitchen

Our modern 2500 sq feet kitchen - manned by trained chefs & CDPs prepare healthy food under strict quality control in hygienic condition. We are in the process of obtaining HACCP certification for the facilities – which will certify the production, procurement and distribution process against any health hazards.

With this kitchen near Silk Board, Bangalore, we can serve a good part of Bangalore. We plan to expand by opening secondary kitchens in other key areas of Bangalore in order to cover almost all parts of the city.

The next expansion will be to replicate the set up in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi NCR and Mumbai.